Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Mickey House

While in Florida, at Disney World no less) we got Rock a Mickey Mouse t-shirt. He loves it.
And he calls it his Mickey House shirt. Too many Dr. Seuss books rhyme those two words.
He showed it off for the friendly mannequins at Old Navy.


Z Mom said...

Peter: "Mommy, where's that man's head?"

Mommy: " Manaquins don't have heads."

Peter: "Why?"

Mommy: "It's easier to get the shirt on a Manaquin with no head."

Peter: "Yeah, it's hard sometimes for me to get my shirt on because my head gets in the way too."

Nancy said...

Aren't those mannequin "crowds' at old navy creepy?
Mickey House, on the other hand, is most definitely NOT creepy=).

Beck said...

Charlotte LOVES that dog at our ON, too! =)

Christel said...

I had the same Mickey shirt when I was little!

Deb said...

And just LOOK how Rock shows off his Mickey tee by jutting his TUMMY out!!! Haha.