Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

Looking at this picture from Easter Sunday, you would think we have our act together.100414 Easter 019EditedAnd oh how wrong you would be.100414 Easter 030EditedAnd looking at this picture you would think that we got some beautiful shots of my parents with their grandkids.100414 Easter 030But zoom out and again you will see how wrong you would be! (But thanks to photo editing that cropped one of Juju and Lulu is pretty cute, no?) We hosted Easter lunch this year because you would think it would be easier to cook a ham and have everyone come over rather than take a newborn somewhere. But you would be wrong on that too!100414 Easter 035Yes, everyone was quite tuckered out when we decided to take pictures. And we decided to take pictures because the meal was running late. And the meal was running late because the timed cook feature on the oven didn’t work and the ham didn’t cook.100414 Easter 060Three exhausted and hungry kids = exhausted adults. I think I just bit off more than I could chew. But I shouldn’t complain. There were many highlights to the day including…100414 Easter 046Louisa wearing (ADORABLE!) shoes for the first time! Look at how huge they are on her tiny feet!100414 Easter 013And Fix and Louisa (and Rock) looked so cute in their matching pink!100414 Easter 036And the Fix grandparent picture turned out lovely!100414 Easter 051Rock got Mater and Doc Hudson in his Easter basket from Juju.100414 Easter 058He also got to join in on a picture he was not asked to be a part of.100414 Easter 065And our meal was QUITE delicious thanks to all the other items that everyone else brought. With Aunt Susi, J-Dub, and his mom Mary there (no good pictures of them so they get a shout-out here), the conversation was quite entertaining.100414 Easter 063And while they sat around eating, I got to nurse Louisa! I don’t think anyone else felt as overwhelmed as I did, but the chaos kinda wore me out.100414 Easter 067 Good thing there was strawberry rhubarb pie (and cupcakes and lemon meringue pie) to revive me! And on the pie, the cross. A picture of what Easter is all about. It’s not about me and my uncooked ham. It’s about Christ and his sacrifice, once and for all on the cross. Praise God for the cleansing blood of Jesus shed for sinners like me!


Bethany said...

Well now I feel bad! I thought it was a lovely afternoon. Sorry you were so stressed. Thanks again for having us over. I got equally good pictures of the grandparents and grandkids. One of these days, I'll post them. :-)

Lynn said...

You all looked great on Easter. Loved the pink.

The pie is lovely....and I'm sure your ham was delicious.