Thursday, April 29, 2010


When I was registering for items for Fetus Fix (aka Rock), I wanted to get him a swing, but I didn't want a huge monstrosity taking up half of our living room. So, when I found this puppy, I fell in love. It's made by Graco and you just plop your car seat into it. When you aren't using it, it folds up flat. Brilliant! Too bad Rock HATED his car seat and thus he never wanted to swing. Fast forward to Louisa. She only hates her car seat when it's not moving. And she LOVES her car seat when it's swinging.
What a cute little bundle of joy!
Yeah, I didn't have enough time (or patience) to figure out how to take a non-blurry shot while it was in action so I just stopped the swing with my hand. Thankfully this did not cause any "uh-oh-the-swing-has-stopped-moving" tears.


sarah said...

That's a good shot of her face, she's changed a lot already.

us. said...

But seriously- is she not the cutest thing ever

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie and Clip said...

This picture just made me go, "WOW!!!!" She is REALLY, TRULY a beautiful little girl!!
I loved marveling over her beauty in this picture! (And yes, her eyelashes are gorgeous too!)

GREAT shot of her adorable little face!!! Now show us those chubby arms and thighs and fingers and toes!!! :)