Saturday, April 3, 2010

Tiny Hands

So back when I used to babysit or hold other people's babies at church, I always thought "I want to have my own baby someday so I can just sit and hold them and look at their tiny features all day long and no one can take them away from me." I was especially interested in tiny baby hands.

Fast forward to when Rock was born. He was not an hour old and we were already exclaiming "THIS KID HAS MAN SIZED PAWS!" He really has very large hands. So I prayed and prayed that our little girl would have tiny hands. And she does. Her fingers are actually quite long (future piano player?), but they are slender and feminine and beautiful. I just can't get over how precious they are!


Isaac and Joanna said...

So precious! I love baby hands and feet. The feet get me every time...I am such a sucker for little socks and shoes.

Jen said...

I vote for the flute. I am also offering to teach her. ;0) Ryan is already indoctrinating Elaina to play drums. Haha. We'll have our own little PCA prasie band with Rock on vocals. ;0)