Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lisa & Nate

Labor Day weekend we were thrilled to attend the wedding of Lisa Habegger to Nate Kelly. Lisa and I have been friends for my entire life. She's one of the second generation from our Summer Fellowship Gathering so we've gone on vacation together almost every Summer of our entire lives. She's fantastic and so is her new hubby!
My dad and I sang "Great is Thy Faithfulness" during the ceremony so we took Louisa to the rehearsal(above).
While the beautiful bridesmaids and the newlywed couple took pictures after the ceremony,
I enjoyed hanging out with all these beautiful people (also from the Summer Fellowship Gathering).
Again, Marta is another friend from the Summer Fellowship Gathering. She and Louisa enjoyed having a chance to hang out again.
I know I'll blink and he'll be walking her down the aisle.
Rock loved the dino-shaped chicken nuggets, mac n' cheese, and applesauce. We adults were served a more sophisticated but equally delicious meal.
After we worked together to get Louisa's attention...
We got a decent family picture.
Speaking of decent family pictures, here's one of the bride, her sister (who is also her matron of honor and who is also carrying the bride's niece due in early October), and her brother Peter. Love them.
Don't look at my red flip-flops. I forgot my nice shoes. At least they are my nice flip-flops.
Post cake bashing.
Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Kelly!


Sarah said...

And I'll never wear a strapless dress again....

Susanna said...


Ps - Sarah, why are you never wearing strapless dresses again?

Anonymous said...

i looove the pic of heidi, lisa, and peter. wonderful.

Susanna (aka Susi) said...

First picture, with Lou Lou: BEST. FACE. EVER.