Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rock is THREE!

Hard to believe it's that time of year again! Time for a cheeseball! This year it was made by Juju and Zuni and it was in the shape of a three because ROCK IS THREE YEARS OLD!
On September 18th, we celebrated Rock's third birthday by filling the Cooler of Dreams* and having a huge crowd of (mostly little) people over to play.
Thankfully, it was a beautiful sunny day so everyone could play a bunch of fun outdoor games (courtesy of Juju's church supply).
There was cornhole...
A balance beam...
Bocce ball...
Bocce ball on the balance beam...
and lots of chalk pictures (although no one else wrote their name quite as impressively as Sophie's print/cursive hybrid).
With games this kickin', it's no wonder Zuni flew in from London to be there.**
We were also really glad that Uncle Jason wore his orange-with-white-stripes shirt and aviator sunglasses so people would know he was related to Fix.
Rock requested a Lightning McQueen cake so he got one. Don't tell him that it was supposed to be much more impressive but I bailed on the impressive cake when I found out it was going to take me 4 hours to apply the icing.
He didn't seem to mind.
After the cake it was back outside to open a big stack of gifts.
Thankfully, Rock had a lot of helpers.
And thankfully there was a tent and some umbrellas for some of the adults to escape the heat. Zuni wasn't so lucky.
Happy Birthday Rock! You are such a fantastic little boy and we couldn't be prouder to be your parents. May God bless you richly in your third year of life -- I hope it's your best yet!
*I asked my dad to fill a "cooler of drinks." He thought I said "cooler of dreams." Thus, our cooler now has a name.
**Zuni actually came home for three weeks to do some consulting work and it happened to overlap with Rock's birthday. But she did in fact find the games to be "kickin'."


Susanna said...

Yay! New blog posts! And yay - the Cooler of Dreams!!

Elizabeth said...

Man, it looks like we missed the most rockin' party of the year! (Okay, yes, pun intended. What can I say? I was born a Fix.)

Can we all rename our coolers? That is absolutely too funny.

But seriously, that one game, it needs a new name. If for no other reason than the many Fixes/Zerfi with corn intolerances.

And THANK GOODNESS for the glasses and shirts because, boy, without them one would NEVER KNOW they are brothers. (By the way, can I possibly get you to e-mail me a high res of that one? I'd love to get it printed. That's an awesome picture of my brothers!)

The way Rock is looking at Lightning on the cake, man, that's True Love. ;)

If I had to take a guess at Louisa's displeasure in the family picture: she's just bent out of shape that it's not her party. :)

Okay, I know. I never comment and then I write a book. There was just so much here. I've been faithfully checking back for updates and was so excited to find these today!

Melanie Brockman said...

Love having new blog posts butr I must make one minor correction--Rock has already celebrated three full year so your prayer should be for blessings in his fourth year!

Lynn said...

It really was a kicking party. Thanks for including us!