Saturday, September 11, 2010

Beach Fix

As I said in my last post, our final vacation of the Summer was to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with the Fix family.
This year, Nana and Auntie H and Uncle Jason and Papa John...
And Aunt Susi and Rock and Fix and Louisa...
And I were at the beach. We missed the Seattle Fixes (well, they are really Zerfosses but you know what I mean) but we had a nice week nonetheless. Unlike last year, we had a beautiful week of sunny warm weather. That is except for the last day (pictured above) where I am wearing both a hoodie and a baby to stay warm.
Whether being a lady in pink with Nana,
Being a lady in red with Aunt Susi,
Being held by her wind-blown Mommy,
Or lounging by her older bro, Louisa was quite the sun-bathing beauty. She seemed to enjoy the beach even more than she did during our trip two months ago.
We played a lot of bocce ball...
Which tuckered some people out.
As always the Fix creativity was in full display as Jason, Heather, Fix and Rock worked together to build this row of sand castles.
They were evenly spaced up the beach with enough room for the rescue vehicles to drive in between (see the tire tracks?) without causing damage.
Then we sat back and watched them battle the tide.
Of course we weren't on the beach for the whole trip. Jason rented some bikes and a kiddie bike seat so we could take trips around town.Someone's brain was so big we had to ride past the bike rental place again and get him an adult sized helmet.
We also went driving on the beach in Uncle Jason's car.
This rightfully made Rock a little concerned as Jason does not have 4 wheel drive and the water was quite high.
The beach house kitchen was less than spacious, but the food was more than good. We had several delicious meals that were wheat-free, corn-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and garlic-free. Yay for allergy-prone families!
In addition to the meals, the soda was fantastic. Although Juju prefers Coca-Cola classic, Louisa is sorta following in her grandmother's footsteps as she loves to drink from (read: gnaw on) an empty Coke Zero can.
Someone also spent a lot of time doing puzzles.
Yeah I know Jason. Why would he want to spend so much time doing puzzles when there was a beautiful beach waiting outside?! Thanks again to all the other Fixes for helping to hold/wrangle/ love my children which made for such a lovely relaxing week at the beach.


Lynn said...

The picture of Nana and Louisa is just too adorable! Looks like a wonderful and relaxing trip (love the nap on the beach pic). I'm curious what "riding on the beach in Uncle Jason" was like. ;o)

Julie said...

Louisa is seriously one of the cutest babies ever!

Susanna (aka Susi) said...

I would just like to point out that ACTUALLY, I, not Heather, was a major proponent in the sandcastle building. Not that there's anything wrong with Heather, of course. But just set the record straight, since I have an insatiable need to be recognized for all my contributions to society.

Also, I wish I knew how to sum things up so cleverly and so well. You're a really awesome blogger. I'm jealous of your mad skilz.