Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Visit from the Smallmans

Smallmans came into town so we piled everyone in the car. Rachel and Fix in the front row. Babies in the second row.
And these three in the back. And yes, that means Will was on the floor, but if I admitted that you might tell the police that we drove with someone not wearing a seatbelt.
We told the kids we were headed to Annapolis. To which Rock replied "WHICH 'Napolis?"
After playing at the park, we headed to Joss Sushi. And after one child (I'm not a tattletale so you'll have to guess who) had a meltdown, we got our sushi to go, ate it by the water, and then went to get an ice cream treat at Storm Brothers.
Geneva ate hers... while Rock had a meltdown over the fact that his pistachio almond ice cream had nuts in it.Later on little Maisie showed off her kickin' crawling skills. We were all impressed. Thanks so much to the Smallmans for coming to visit.

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