Saturday, November 27, 2010


On Thanksgiving morning, all the adults (accept Juju who kindly watched the babes back at our mountain house) went on a hike.
Nothing says "ready for adventure" like propping your foot up on an "Old Appalachian Trail" sign.
After I got my leg down, we were off!
The terrain was pretty rugged, and we almost lost Fix...
But thankfully, we had Kelly as our veteran hiking guide. He can free climb like no other.
We had a few questions about what exactly was growing on the rocks and what exactly caused the geography of the mountain behind us but our questions were never answered.
Check out that view!
Check out this view!
After all that strenuous posing and more than a little walking, we were exhausted. And very hungry for the Thanksgiving meal!


Sarah said...

Very good pics

Isaac and Joanna said...

Love it! Your family cracks me up.