Monday, November 22, 2010

ICE!, Potbelly and Peeps

When Bethany and Addy and Sarah came in town for Rocket's birthday week, we took them to National Harbor. I had heard about ICE!'s Grinch Show and I knew Rock and Addy would love it.
I hadn't heard that it was a bajillion dollars to get in. Since we are trying to be frugal these days we sent Rock (3 and under were free) in with Sarah and Bethany (who were willing to pay) and Addy while we (me, Fix, Juju and Louisa) wandered around the Gaylord National Hotel.
Apparently the exhibit, which was made of 2 million pounds of ice, was pretty awesome and the slide was a big hit with Addy.
But Rock was not interested. In the slide or in anything else. Glad it didn't cost us anything for him to see something that was apparently so incredibly awful to endure.
Of course, when he was reunited with Juju, he was all smiles.
And although Addy had enough energy left to stand...
ICE! exhausted other members of our party so we went to Potbelly for nourishment and revitalization.
Louisa has decided that her diapers and wipes case is the greatest thing in the world. She carries it around like normal girls hold their favorite doll.
With food in our bellies, we made our last stop at the Peeps store.
We got hats. Rock and Addy could hardly believe their good fortune.
Vanity thy name is Rock.
Now did you appreciate Addy and Louisa's matching outfits? Juju bought them and we planned it so we could take a cute coordinated cousins photo. But we neglected to do this before meltdown time so this is the best we got. Sorry Juju.

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