Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trunk or Treat

We had plans (Reformation Day Service) on Halloween night, so the day before Halloween, I laid out the kids costumes while they were napping. Then, that night we went to Wallace's Trunk or Treat Event.Rock was a Fire Chief. I thought it was an excellent costume in that we didn't have to buy ANY of it! You may remember that the firefighter outfit was from Ron and Sarah. His fire boots are his rain galoshes from Juju.
Louisa was "the cutest black cat you've ever seen." At least that's what Juju said. Juju bought the cat ears and again, we didn't have to buy anything else for Louisa's costume -- just decked her out in her cutest black turtleneck, black skirt, black tights and black patent leather shoes.
And what did Fix and I dress up as? Well, here's a clue...
While you think about what I might be, take a look at this blurry picture of Rock, Molly C. and the Saladas. See why they called it Trunk or Treat? Instead of going from house to house, the kids went from car to car to collect candy!
The day before Trunk or Treat, Adeline (not pictured) told me that her father was going to be a tree. This was news to him, but he managed to throw together this FANTASTIC tree costume overnight. Well done Patrick! And Camille, you make a pretty cute cow!
Here's a picture of our whole family before we dropped the kids at Rocket and Juju's house and went to a grown-ups only costume party. Again, any guesses as to who Fix and I are?
The costume party was held by Paul and Julia Childs. Also known as Dan and Samantha Fisher.
There was almost a full flight of the Mothership at this event. It was fun to catch up with the 'Shippers from out of town, but we missed you Robert.
Isaac was Bunny Madoff. Will was a tourist. And we were...
BRANGELINA! You can only see 5 babies in the picture above, but trust me, Maddox, Pax, Zahara, Shiloh, Knox and Vivienne are all there! We got 2nd place in the "Best Costume" contest.
Jack Sparrow got first place. But considering he really looked like Jack Sparrow and his costume probably cost more than the $4 I plopped down for lip liner and false eyelash glue, we feel that he deserved the win. Thanks again to Dan and Sam for hosting a great evening!


Sarah said...

Does Brad Pitt smile like my father?

Callie Feyen said...

Best Costume Ever!

RB said...

Looks like a great time... wish I had been there.