Friday, November 12, 2010

Mother of Six

No, this is not an announcement of quadruplets on the way. One day in November, I was scheduled to watch Adeline and Camille. Then, the night before, Natalie called me and asked if I could watch her kids for a few hours in the morning. I explained that it would be fine, as long as I could watch them at Lynn's house!
So, for a few hours, I became a mom of six. Here are 5 of the 6 kiddos -- Jack declined to be in the picture. Left to right: Adeline, Rock, Louisa, Sophia, and Camille who is winking.
And here is everyone showing me their dance moves.
After Sophia and Jack left, the little girls played together on the floor...
While Rock and Adeline bossed each other around continued to be smitten with one another.


Sarah said...

Uh Oh Louisa is getting REALLY photogenic. She is gorgeous in these pics.

Lynn said...

LOL!!! I especially love the video shot of you with your feet up. Talent! You do organized chaos better than anyone. You rock!

Christel said...

Agreed - Louisa is devastatingly adorable in these photographs; love her smiles.