Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Although we lived a few miles away from the Wild Animal Park (a fabulous Zoo that puts the animals in living situations that are very close to their natural habitats), we never got there while we were living in Escondido. Fortunately, the Wagners have Season Passes and an extra visitors pass for me!
We were lucky enough to have Curious George (on loan from Gwen's school) with us for this visit to the Park.
Of course we picked an ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUSLY HOT HOT HOT day to spend out in the sun. We found this cute hat in the gift shop to protect Rock's head from the UV rays and give him a cute souvenir from his San Diego trip.
Mother and Son shot #1
Another Picture with George.
Mother and Son shot #2
Here are some of the many animals we saw... starting with the lions.
Look closely and you'll see a baby with his mom.
Elijah watching the ducks.
Pretty birds.
Is it Meerkats or Meercats? Of course my favorite animals were Gwen and Elijah.
By the end of the day Rock was exhausted and overheated...
But he revived quickly at home with some water from Dad.

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RB said...

I think Curious George is my favorite animal from all those pictures.