Tuesday, May 27, 2008


To kick off Memorial Day weekend, Rocket and Cokie took us to a baseball game at the NEW Nationals Stadium downtown.
The boys were SUPER excited for Rock's first baseball game!
We had a lot of fun playing peekaboo with dad's Nat's hat.
Rock is very adept at yanking things off of his head and smiling big when you say the magical word "Peekaboo!"
We spent a lot of time planning his Nationals outfit -- complete with red socks.
Maybe we should have spent more time cleaning the carrot residue from dinner out of his nose.We call it the Kiss of Hunger. When he's really tired or sleepy (or both as he was here), Rock will give you a head butt/kiss. If you aren't careful, these can really hurt. But if you're lucky (as I was here), he'll also pull your hair!
Family shot.
Rocket taught Rock the ins and outs of the game. Thanks again Brockman Grandparents for a great time!


Beth said...

We took Isaac to a Cubs game when we went to Chicago 4 years ago. It was great even though he was too little to appreciate it :-)

The shot of Fix and Rock is adorable! Looks like you might have a baseball fan on your hands!

Bethany said...

Is Dad explaining what kind of candy he will get in the future for hits and runs?

Mrs. Fix said...

Yes, he's talking about candy and I'm already plotting how I can sneak Reese's pieces into his Skittles bag so I can freak him out like I did to Susanna when we went to an O's game back in the day.