Sunday, May 18, 2008


If you know my friend Beth , you have probably already read here about this get together. It all started when Beth, Annie, and I were young and we all grew up together at Wallace Presbyterian Church. Then Beth's mom got married and they moved to South Carolina. Although it's been years since we've all seen each other, we've kept in touch recently via our blogs. So, when Beth came to town, she made sure to set up a playdate with all our families. Here are the three of us. I wish I had a picture of us when we were little to show you all. We all gathered at the Hathaways and started the day by exploring their new swing set.
Isaac shows off his climbing skills.

Aiden, Kristin, and Lauralyn give the swings a run for their money!Well, Rock started the day by playing in the exersaucer...But when he got bored, we tried the swing, and he LOVED it. Back inside Aiden and Sophie played with their Nana. And Clip shared his toys with Rock.As usual, it didn't take them long to stop playing with the toys and start pestering each other.Kristin wisely stayed away. Man, other kids toys are SO MUCH FUN!

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