Saturday, May 10, 2008

Quammune Party!

Here's what Apartment A looked like when we were living in it.
Notice that Brent and Sarah, the couple on the far right in this picture, are merely visitors.
Fast forward to our last Sunday in California, when we had a big bash at the Quammune. It was very surreal to be hanging out in our old place (pictured below) with new (fabulous) decor by Brent and Sarah, who are no longer visitors but now are the renters of Apartment A. Can you tell that Fix was trying to get Rock to smile in this picture?
Rock loved their office futon best.
Well, almost as much as he enjoyed stealing toys from the other babies in the front yard.
There were loads more people here, but somehow I managed to get very few pictures of them. Sigh...

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RB said...

Well, I'm glad I had a chance to see your old apartment there before you left...