Friday, October 24, 2008

Boy Comparison

And now for shots to compare the one-year-olds!
Here they come! Charging down the hall!
This is what we call Rock's Punk Face. He does it whenever something is happening that he doesn't like. For example, when Clip has his mom's camera case.
He's pointing out the fact that Clip has it and won't give it to him.
Here he took matters into his own hands and poked Clip in the face. So kind.
Clip's wondering what he did this time!
Don't worry -- he told Rock a very funny joke that made up for all his transgressions.
And then we plopped them on the couch.
Both Rock and Clip have now learned what "kiss" means. Hilarious.
Is Clip raising his hand in protest?No one looks very happy here.
Yes, I think this is the best shot I got.
After that, Rock was suddenly very into this pillow.
Gotta pick it up...
And throw it off the couch.
And with that, the photo session was done.

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Julie said...

These two crack me up!