Thursday, October 2, 2008


Okay so the weather wasn't the greatest, but it wasn't so bad that we couldn't ride the bus down to the Boardwalk for some beachside adventures. Rock was stunned by the fact that there were many people in this strange moving vehicle where he needed no carseat and Mom and Dad sat right next to him.
Boardwalk shot.
Okay so who am I kidding? Fix is really the fun parent.
Rock really likes to wear my sunglasses.
Rock's first arcade game.
Please don't tell him that the screen changes if you add quarters.
The next day was looking (as you can plainly see) balmy so we headed out for a little beachtime. Rock found this man searching for metal very interesting. ***Side note for those of you who used to go on the Young Life OC weekend, that's the CAROUSEL hotel in the background. Just seeing the outside of it stirred up so many fond memories!***
A chilly walk on the beach. Have I overused the word chilly yet?
After church on Sunday, Rock had a Risky Business moment. That is not to say that I like any part of that movie.
Toddling around.
What is it that makes a visible diaper so cute?
Trying to get his feet into Fix's flip-flops.
We put his pants on and then went to the beach for some cute family shots. But Rock was more interested in the dogs on the beach.
Yes, this was the best one we got.
Again, the dogs were fascinating.
The aftermath of feeding himself spaghetti.
Finally a sunny day! The day we were leaving the beach!
But we soaked up the sun anyway. Here Rock leads his father on a seagull chase.
Which wore him out so he took a nap with me.
Then woke up for some final fun on the beach with Fix.
Thankfully, the condo had a super cute bell hop to help us take our luggage to our car. He was so cute we took him home with us.
Thanks to Bruce and Carla for letting us stay at your place. It was a wonderfully relaxing week and just the break we needed!

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Nancy said...

I'm so glad you guys got to do this. It looks like SUCH a relaxing week! We really need to go on vacations like this...just the 5 of us!