Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy Birthday Sophie!

Our October Monday Night Dinner fell the day before Sophie's third birthday. So we turned it into a party for this little princess.Complete with princess earrings (see above) and a tiara (on her arm in the picture below).
Annie made an AWESOME princess castle cake. It was so impressive... And CORN FREE for Fix!
Getting in a little playtime before she blows out the candles.
Aiden looked on while Sophie opened her gifts. Later he said "When Sophie dies, can I play with her toys?" We told him it would probably be a better idea to encourage her to share than to wish she would die.
Rocket couldn't resist trying on the tiara.
Which prompted us to try it on Rock too.
Judy, Aiden and Sophie hang out with baby Addy.
All this chaos wore out Papa Rabenhorst...
And Baby Addy. In fact, she managed to sleep through most of the crazy festivities.

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