Monday, October 20, 2008

Fall Fun at Patuxent Gardens

So, two weekends ago, we went to Patuxent Gardens to participate in their Fall Festival.
Unfortunately, we got there at 4:55 and it ended at 2:00. Oops!
The good news is, they were having ANOTHER FALL FESTIVAL the next weekend too! And that's when cousin Caleb was coming into town!!! So we checked out the scene to prep for the next weekend.
Rock was particularly excited to discover this fountain.
The water was super fun to play in.
Caleb's gonna like this!!!
So, we brought Caleb there the next weekend for some FALL FUN!
And here he is with Aunt Beth!
Although we were at a Fall Festival, the weather felt much more like Summer.
Family shot!
Content with Dad.
Skeptical with Mom. Or perhaps he was just miserable because he had to wait in line in the heat.
And finally on the hayride!
It was nice to sit down and feel the breeze.
Caleb, peeking over at our side of the wagon.
And Rock was RIGHT, Caleb DID love the fountain!
In fact, he succeeded in putting his foot in it twice.
He wouldn't smile without the cup in his hand.
As far as the creepy witch was concerned, he was curious, but had no desire to go any closer than pictured here.
Still holding his cider cup while examining the baby pumpkins...
and checking out the gourds.
It was so fun to have Caleb in town for a Fall visit.

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Lynn said...

I love all things fall. Looks like a blast!!!