Thursday, October 2, 2008


Last week we packed our bags and headed to the beach for a relaxing family vacation!
Because he's now a one-year-old and he's DEFINITELY over twenty lbs, Rock got to face forward for the first time on this trip! He kept himself entertained by reading some books and waving to everything and everyone we passed.
Day two at our condo, we decided to take a walk down the beach.
Rock and his favorite Daddy! Again, he's waving all the time now.
It was REALLY windy and chilly on the beach.
But, determined to not let Dad be the only 'fun parent,' I forced my way through the wind with the boy on my shoulders.
Even though it was chilly, being in the sun is always wonderful!
Family sand portrait.
Later on at dinner, Rock showed Daddy how to sniff the wine cork to see if we had a good bottle.
Yep. Smells Good.
If only the timer setting on the camera also produced a loud noise or silly face to get Rock's attention.
Part of the view from our condo. This is to show how cloudy it was for most of the week.
But we didn't mind. It gave us lots of time to read together.
And nap together!

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You look amazing in jeans!