Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Look Who's Talking

I'm totally copying my friend Lynn here, but I've decided to start including some posts of Rock's funny sayings. Rock just says too many funny things these days -- and if I don't record them here, I'll never remember them.
So, the other day we were at Juju's house and we were looking at a book that had a bunch of pictures of real animals. Rock was identifying most of them with ease but when we got to the mice he was confused. I said "What are those animals Rock?" "Uh... I can't say this word" "Think about it for a second, what are they called?" "Uh....uh....bunny kids?"
We've been teaching Rock the Shorter Catechism. If he says it right, he gets a special surprise -- CANDY! The other day I asked question number 1 "What is the chief end of man?" The correct response is "Man's chief end is to glorify God and to enjoy him forever." Usually Rock nails it. This day, his response was "Man's chief end is to.... eat some candy!" *big grin*
We are also trying to explain the various aspects of our church service to Rock. On Sunday night we were driving home from church and we got into quite an intelligent conversation about the Lord's Supper where Rock was explaining that the bread represented Christ's body. I was impressed that he had remembered this and I said "Rock, you are smart cookie!" "I not a cookie! I'm a boy!"
And finally... Rock doesn't usually like to pray out loud with us. But the other night he asked to pray and here's his prayer. "Dear God, Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Nana and Papa. Thank you for Juju. Thank you for Rocket. Thank you for Five Guys. Thank you for Rocket at Five Guys..... Amen."


Lynn said...

Sweet, sweet words. It's hilarious to listen as they figure out the world around them.

Bethany said...

I thank God for Five Guys all the time

RB said...

Thank you for Rocket at Five Guys... hahahahaha

Susanna said...

I assume he was thankful for Rocket at Five Guys cause Rocket was paying. I am often thankful for the same thing.

Elizabeth said...

This is AWESOME!!!!! Please keep these posts in particular coming. I love hearing/reading these things. What kids say is always something I find amusing but when it's my own nephews (or nieces) it's all the more precious. This is probably my all time favorite post so far on this blog.

And I can't decide if I laughed harder about the bunny kids or man's chief end being to eat candy...a boy after Aunt Beth's own (idolatrous) heart. ;)

Christel said...

Too cute!

If you're doing the catechism with Rock, my friend just told me about a great set of CD's that's the Westminster Shorter Catechism set to music.

Dana Dirksen "Questions With Answers" It's in three volumes and from the snippets I've heard it's fantastic!