Saturday, October 17, 2009


If you know Rock's Uncle Kelly and Aunt Bethany, you know that they have an awesome dog named Renzo. When we went to their house last year for Thanksgiving, Renzo made a big impression on Rock.
So, when Juju gave Rock this stuffed animal dog, he gave him a very unique name. You guessed it -- RENZO! He loves this little puppy so much and wants to take him everywhere. But there is one place that Renzo is not allowed.
Rock's high chair. Renzo is just one of many beloved toys that have been set aside (with many tears) while the boy makes a mess at mealtime.
But like any faithful pooch, Renzo stays close by and keeps an eye on his owner and his food.
p.s. Thank you Juju for the Curious George pajamas! Rock keeps asking to wear them in the daytime so I think they are a hit!

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Bethany said...

The real Renzo would be sitting underneath the highchair waiting for any goodness to fall from the sky. And then after mealtime, you would have to pick food out of his fur.