Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pumpkin Search

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, I am going to tell you a little story I call "Pumpkin Search."Once upon a time, when Rock was just a month old, we took him to search for a pumpkin. But for some reason he doesn't remember that outing. So, we set out this past Monday to find a pumpkin to carve.
But we couldn't find the same pumpkin patch. We were going on the power of my memory -- which is usually very good for directions -- but again, we couldn't find the pumpkin patch. In fact, even the GPS on Fix's phone couldn't find the pumpkin patch.
We did find some beautiful horses. Rock insisted we get out of the car and take pictures.
Then we went to Homestead Gardens to find our pumpkin. It wasn't a traditional 'patch' in that they had no field, but they had plenty of pumpkins so Rock could pick the perfect one. This is not it. This one had a huge crack down the back of it.
Rock is saying "There are no pumpkins my size!"
He wanted one that he could carry.
We finally found one that was just his size. And we won't talk about how we discovered that it was rotting when we got home and that we couldn't in fact carve it because it was 'gross.'
Then we explored the rest of the fun Fall festivities... Having Daddy next to him gave Rock just enough bravery to stand somewhat close to the sheep.
Then, with his bravery bolstered, he ventured into the hay maze on his own. Dad hollered out "LEFT" "RIGHT" and Rock sometimes knew what that meant.
A few slide rides and we were ready to go back home for naps. The End. Happy Halloween everyone!


Lynn said...

I love all things fall...

Wow, I hardly remembered what you looked like with your long locks.

ChrisandMissy said...

Cute cute pictures. =)
Anna learned her right and left in the bath- I would tell her to give me her right foot to scrub then her left. Because it was the same order everytime, she picked up on it pretty quick. And once you know your feet, the rest comes along.
Anyway, I'm excited about Tuesday!!!