Sunday, October 4, 2009


The last time Rock went to a baseball game, he was rather little.
So he was extra excited to go to a Nationals game with Rocket. And he's been talking about it ever since.
He talks about the metro train at least once a day. "We ride the Metro train! Stand back! Doors opening!"
At the game we met this random dog mascot for the Newseum. I think.
Our tickets were amazing. Three rows back right next to the visiting team's (in this case, the Mets) dugout.
Not only did the Nationals end their last home game with a win in an exciting, bottom of the ninth, full count GRAND SLAM... Rock even got a ball from one of the players (via the nice man in front of us who actually caught it). I explained to him that this is not an every game occurrence but something that most people wait their entire lives to experience. And even though he still likes to take off his hat...
We still managed to get a good picture of the three of us.


sarah said...

I think the new fake smile is hilarious.

Lynn said...

I love the two pictures of Rock with his hat (last year, this year)....and the family shot is great too.

Deb said...

These pictures are s-o-o cute!
Especially love the one of him sitting next to Rocket on the Metro.

What a little man!

Elizabeth said...

I second Lynn's comment. Those last year and this year hat pictures are fun.