Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fix Birthday Pix

Flash back to September 6th. We called my parents on the way home from the beach to tell them we were coming for dinner whether they liked it or not. My Aunt Valeta and Uncle Bob were in town to celebrate Valeta's birthday, and we wanted to see them before they headed back to Ohio.
Ever the perfect hostess, my mom transformed the meal she had already planned into a birthday meal for Fix. The one problem was that she had planned a meal including the one thing Fix cannot eat. But Rock and I really enjoyed it! This was Rock's first straight-off-the-cob experience.But who can complain about the corn when Susanna made Fix a cake!
And by 'made Fix a cake,' I mean that she wrote Happy B'Day Fix on the half-eaten Happy Birthday Valeta cake from the day before. Regardless, it was delicious and it was fun to celebrate with the family!
p.s. I stole all these pictures from Aunt Valeta's Facebook page.

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Lynn said...

Ahh...but could he actually eat the cake?!?

Very creative idea.