Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Eve

After a wonderful Christmas Eve service at our church (which I missed most of because I was coughing up my lungs in the lobby), we drove to Juju and Rocket's house to spend the night.
By the time we got there it was already past 10 and the little ones were getting rather restless.This was the best picture I got of Rock and Clip in their argyle sweaters. Yep, that's as good as it got.
This was the worst. But it shows the band-aid by Rock's eye. He tripped and fell into an upholstered bench right as we were leaving for the Christmas Eve service. It bled a bit, but we thought the real damage would be a black eye the next day. Stay tuned to see if we were right!
The Brockman ladies and honorary Brockman lady Annie.


Lynn said...

How are you NOT blonde?

The sweaters are are the boys.

Susanna said...

Good picture of the ladies, even if we are all looking at another camera.