Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Fixmas 2009

The weekend before Christmas, we gathered at Papa John and Nana Kerry's house to celebrate FIXMAS 2009!
The snow started falling shortly after we got to their house Friday night and when we woke up on FIXMAS morning this cardinal was already playing around in several snowy inches of a winter wonderland.
Rock's grandparents (I won't say which ones 'cause I don't want to get anyone in trouble) gave him five jellybeans and a truffle to start his Fixmas morning so he was a little hyper. He wrote a song called "We Are All Together" that he sang over and over. The words are "We are all togeth-er! We are all together-er!"
After we opened our stockings and ate a DELICIOUS Fixmas brunch we opened our gifts. Rock was very meticulous in unwrapping his loot. No crazy tearing for this kid.
Aunt Susi showing off her new camera strap (that I made her).
You can tell she's showing it off and not really using her camera because the lens cap is on.
Uncle Jason's wrapping paper was made by me and Rock. Rock drew a lot of zigzags (his favorite thing to draw) while I drew everything he dictated for me to draw. This included a train, a Christmas tree, holly, ornaments, candy canes, a long squiggly candy cane (top right corner above)...
Gingerbread people, a fish or two, a shark that he immediately told me was not a shark 'cause I didn't draw it right, a blue ballerina, etc. etc.
One of the many books we gave Rock that I bought with PBK's Story Hour discounts.
Helping Auntie H.
One of Rock's favorite gifts was a "Struction Worker" outfit from Uncle Jason and Auntie H. Appreciate how poorly the hat fits on his head!
Fix and I asked for money for our London trip (more on that in a future post). While this could have been a boring one check gift, Aunt Susi and Uncle Jason came up with many creative ways to shower us with green. Appreciate the money necklace -- there were matching earrings for me to wear!
After everything was unwrapped the big kids put together Rock's new Playmobil farm.
Then everyone but Kerry and the big pregnant lady (me) went out to play in the freezing cold snow that was still falling. Rock didn't last long in the cold so he came back inside and we took a nap while everyone else walked to Starbucks.
Jason and Auntie H enjoying the cold.
That night Jason performed several surgeries and a few dental procedures (all patient requested) on Rock.
Then we put him to bed and the non-pregnant adults enjoyed a little cold champagne. Yep that glass is sitting on a pile of snow.
All in all, we had a wonderful day together. Thank you to Kerry and John and Susi for hosting a fabulous FIXMAS 2009... and for letting us stay over a second night when we were snowed in!
p.s. Yes, that tape measurer is showing 23.75 inches of snow! Crazy cool!

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Lynn said...

You really do need to learn how to draw a shark. ;o)

Love the champagne in the show pic.

Looks like a fun Christmas.