Friday, December 25, 2009

Snowmen: The Lies Behind Two Eyes Made Out of Coal

When I say snowman... you probably picture someone kind like Frosty.
Or maybe you know a friendly snowman who likes to go boating. But in the aftermath of our most recent snow, Ron and Kelly (my brothers-in-law) uncovered the truth to my family. Not all snowman are good.
For example, Ron and Kelly discovered this snowman body in our back yard!
Police are still investigating this crime but if you ask me, it looks like foul-play. Snowmen who lead upright, law-abiding, corn-cob-pipe-loving lives don't end up stabbed to death on a picnic table.
Sometimes a snowman looks friendly. But don't let this guys smile deceive you. Earlier in the day Ron and Kelly caught this guy running over another snowman with a lawnmower.
This is all that remains of that other snowman!
This time Ron and Kelly (and photographer Fix) took matters into their own hands.
With just a papertowel and a little paint thinner ("It's a slow burn."- Kelly), they taught this guy a lesson.
Burn baby burn!
Moral of the story: Crime doesn't pay.


Lynn said...

So THIS is what happens when a bunch of guys get together with snow and time on their hands. Hilarious!

Bethany said...

Hilarious! I think you captured it perfectly.