Monday, December 21, 2009

National Christmas Tree

Going to the see the National Christmas Tree is the one and only tradition that Fix and I have maintained since we started dating. This year we stopped at Radius Pizza on our way down.
I found them in the CHEAP EATS section of the Washington Post and we HIGHLY recommend their yummy $5 Slice and Pint Happy Hour. Of course only one of us participated in the pint part.
We passed the "very big crayon" (as Rock called it) on our way down to the tree.
We also passed the Old Executive Office Building -- one of my architectural favorites!
Finally we were at the tree! Could someone please tell me what that weird lump is? It seems to keep growing every year.
Rock watched the trains while Fix and I carried on our tradition of judging the little trees. Each State and U.S. Territory is represented by a tree and that state/territory makes their own ornaments to decorate it. Nebraska won by a landslide.
Like last year, we paused at Santa's Workshop so we could get out of the cold night air for a little bit.
Marylanders in front of the Maryland tree.
Merry Christmas!

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Deb said...

Great post!
Hope you are feeling better Rachel??
Hey! Where's a PICTURE of the "winning" Nebraska tree? Why did it win?