Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookies and Ornaments

When we trimmed our tree, Rock helped me make Christmas Snickerdoodles. Don't ask me why he looks terrified here.
I made the dough and rolled it into little balls and then Rock smashed them rolled them in green sugar and cinnamon.
He also spaced them nicely on the cookie sheet.
Then we made some "apple spider juice" and ate cookies while we trimmed the tree.
First Rock put his ornaments up.
Then he played with this snow globe ornament from "Coffee Starbucks"...
While Fix and I filled up the rest of the tree.
Proof that the baby bump is growing.
And I think we are now done decking the halls of our house for this year!


Jen said...

I have one of those starbucks ornaments too! So cute! I love Rock's pjs.

ChrisandMissy said...

I like the skinny tree. And the baby bump. You're adorable, Rachel.