Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aunt Sarah

The same weekend that Elizabeth and Caleb were here, Aunt Sarah also came into town to meet Louisa.
We spent Saturday afternoon at an auction preview at The Potomack Company (where Zuni used to work). We also went to lunch at Tropical Smoothie Cafe (where Zuni used to eat). I highly recommend the Sunrise, Sunset smoothie. As you can see we were all very sad that Zuni was not there to fill the empty chair at the table.
After a yummy steak dinner, we played Settlers of Catan. This was Louisa's first game. She did not win.

1 comment:

Susanna said...

Only Rocket and Sarah seem truly sad that I am not in that chair. Rock and Mom are clearly just mugging for the camera. I'm jealous, though - I could go for a Peaches n Cream or Mango Moxie smoothie right about now...