Thursday, May 20, 2010


Remember back in March of last year when this cute boy went to Annapolis?
The Monday after Mother's Day, he went back.
Rock went to size up the competition for Becky's affections get to know Jeff, Becky's boyfriend.
We enjoyed a yummy meal at Joss Sushi...
Where Rock loved the edamame, ate his first piece of sushi (didn't love it, didn't hate it), and devoured the pickled ginger.
Then we took in the boats in the harbor. Jeff kindly walked Louisa...
While we tossed Rock around (and Becky took pictures).
On the way back to our car, Rock even let Jeff hold his hand for a few moments. Sorry Jeff, we thought it was great to finally meet you but Rock will need more time to adjust. His love for Becky runs pretty deep. I'm sure you understand.


Beck said...

Awesome picture of you guys with Rock jumping, and I am HIGHLY jealous you ate at Joss. One of my faves!!!

sarah said...

I can't believe the change in one year! I love when you post those shots, that show how much he's changed. Reminds me of the Baseball one you did.

Deb said...

Cute. Cute. Cute.
And funny.