Thursday, May 13, 2010


Fix and I love the National Building Museum. So last Monday we took Rock and Louisa downtown to see it.But we got there at 12:30 and it was closed until 1:00 for a private event.
So we walked a few blocks down the street to Auntie H and Uncle Jason's work to have lunch with them. We enjoyed a delicious meal at their cafeteria and a brief tour of their work spaces.
Then Rock tripped and got a major bump with rug burn on his forehead.
To ease his pain, Auntie H let Rock take her friend Jane Austen with us to the Building Museum. We found Jane to be a most delightful companion.
She babysat Louisa...
And took a nice picture of the rest of us.
Then I took this one of her with Rock and Fix.
Oh yeah, and then we went to the actual museum that this post is about. We couldn't take pictures in the Parking Garage exhibit but it was pretty fascinating.
Then we went down the hall to the Building Area just for kids. Rock and Fix built lots of structures out of the big Legos.Fix was pretty proud of this structure. Notice Rock's not even in the picture.
While they worked hard, Louisa and I had some girl bonding time (read: nursing).
Louisa also practiced sitting up. Thank you Auntie H, Uncle Jason, Jane Austen, and the Building Museum for a delightful afternoon.
p.s. Their gift shop is fantastic.

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ChrisandMissy said...

We've never been there- thanks for the review. We'll have to check it out.