Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summa Susi

She did it!
Aunt Susi graduated! From George Mason University! With a Bachelors degree in English! On May 14th! And she did it summa cum laude! Which means she graduated with over a 3.90 GPA. Which means I will now refer to her as Summa Susi. I think it has a nicer ring than Smarty-Pants-Studies-A-Lot Susi.
Family (including Fix, who took this picture) came out of the woodwork to sit in the nosebleed seats and watch her walk across that stage.
In case you didn't catch them in the last picture, allow me to point out that Cousin Caleb and Aunt Elizabeth came all the way from Seattle!
After the ceremony we went back to Papa John and Nana's house for the afternoon. Elizabeth bought Louisa this dress, but I think she would have given her a kiss no matter what she wore.
While Elizabeth smooched Louisa, Rock and Caleb spent the afternoon vying for attention from the grandparents. The rest of us sat around and discussed Susi's future. If you know of anyone in the DC area who needs an EXCELLENT editor, let me know!
Then we all took Summa Susi out for dinner at Otani Japanese Steakhouse. Rock took the picture above to document that we were the first to arrive. It's a rare occurrence with two kids under three.
I warned Caleb and Rock that cooking surface would get really hot so they should stay back to keep from getting burned. Rock translated this to mean "The fire that everyone thinks is just for show will probably burn you up and you should be terrified."
J-Dubs (or J-Dub) and Erin also joined us for dinner. They were not afraid of the fire.
Did I mention how exciting it was to have Elizabeth and Caleb there?!
I think Jason intentionally ruined this cute picture.
I know that Rock intentionally ruined this cute picture. Once again, congrats to Summa Susi! We are so proud of you!

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Jen said...

Adorable. Congrats to the family! Graduations are such accomplishments! Rachel, btw, could you look at least a little like you've had two kids and one of them is currently a newborn. You are so thin, beautiful and never look harried! You go girl! Love it. A role model for me to look up to.