Monday, May 17, 2010


The Saturday before Mother's Day, Rock, Louisa and I went to the parade in Laurel.
Something distracted Rock from looking at the camera in this picture...
That would be the very loud fire engine with fun flashing lights.
The reason we went was to see our friends Zack (left of bike in orange Grasshoppers uniform), Zeke (riding bike with sign), and their mom Joni (walking in yellow shirt). They go to our church (along with sister Alethea and dad Phil) and are in our new Supper Club Group.** But instead of supper, Joni invited our group to see the parade and then eat brunch together at their house. We were more than happy to attend as this meant we got a lot of awesome loot. Louisa nicely stored the plethora of candy that was thrown in our direction in her stroller.The candy that didn't get stored in her stroller got stored in Rock's tummy, prompting him to dance around for the second half of the parade.
Although it is clearly an old fire engine and definitely NOT a tow truck, there was something about this guy that reminded me and Rock of Mater from Cars.
And here are all the dudes walking back to the McGovern's house where the meal was scrumptious! Thank you to Joni and Phil for hosting a great first meeting of our Supper Club. Rock and Louisa (and their mother) had a blast!
**The Bradley family is also in our Supper Club group but the only shot I got of any of them is the one above where you can see David (green shirt far left), Dan (red shirt), Benjamin (being held) and Eric (gray shirt, far right). Sorry I missed getting a picture of the girls.

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