Friday, August 6, 2010

Orioles Game: How NOT to Smile

As you can see, I wasn't invited to go with the guys to a recent Orioles game. I'm not sure what happened there, but based on these pictures, I'm pretty sure Rocket was giving lessons on how to give an awkward not-smile whenever you are asked to smile for the camera.
Good work Fix men. Way to look not-happy.
Fix, if you want to take a happy group shot, you need to tell the rest of your group to look happy. Or at least tell them to look at the camera.
Looks like Rock wasn't listening closely to Rocket's instructions. He actually looks happy here. He must be distracted by his new "First-time-at-an-Orioles-game" hat. Stefon, good job in not-smiling.
Again, good job gentleman. Way to show us how to be awkward in a picture.
p.s. If you want your team to win, take Rock to a game. Last season, the Nationals won their last at-home game in a bottom of the ninth when we took Rock to the game. The Orioles also won in the bottom of the ninth at this game. Rock also got on the jumbo-tron TWICE. I am so jealous.

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Sarah said...

Twice? Twice? Oh Rachel you are burned!