Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trip to Florida: Disney World

They say to "Celebrate Everyday." Or at least that's what Walt Disney World says. And since we were coming down to Florida anyway, Bethany suggested that we meet up in Orlando take our three kids (who are all under three and thus all FREE) to...
We got there bright and early to catch the show before they opened the gates and planned to stay as long as the kids would last. And right about now I'm sure you are thinking we were crazy to attempt such a feat. Three kids under three and only four adults to help them beat the crowds, the lines, and the hot Florida sun?!
But you didn't know that we had a secret weapon. Bethany broke her foot right before we went. It might sound like a set-back but this ended up being PERFECT because it meant that she got a wheelchair and we got to go to the front of every line!
So, after taking in the show at the gates...
We took off on our Disney adventure!
Barnett family picture.
Fix family picture. You'll have to trust me that Louisa's in the stroller. Never wake a sleeping baby! Even for a family shot.
It was so fun to spend the day riding rides -- and not waiting in lines!
Addy and Bethany in Dumbo!
Rock in Dumbo!
Louisa sleeping in her stroller!
Everyone (except me and sleeping Louisa) getting ready to watch Mickey's PhilharMagic!
All of the kids took naps in their strollers at some point during the day. And the only major meltdown was done by the boy pictured above. Apparently it's majorly hard to try and eat a peanut butter sandwich when you are tired and it the bread is rounded instead of squared.
But he rallied to watch the parade. See how Addy is wearing the same brown and white outfit as Louisa (scroll back up, she's the one in the stroller that's not in any of the other pictures)? And Rock has on brown and white shorts?! Our matching outfits would have been a lot more impressive if we had gotten a picture of all the cousins together.
Rock couldn't believe he got to see the REAL Woody...
And the REAL Jafar! And so many other REAL characters! The princesses (Belle, Cinderella, and Sleeping Beauty) were all especially kind to Rock. Cinderella even told him a funny tale about how Mater had towed her carriage when it got stuck in a ditch.

Rock and Addy playing outside of The Haunted Mansion. Juju and I tried to called the lady with the floating head "silly," but Rock was unconvinced. He declared this ride and The Pirates of the Caribbean ride "scary."
Again, thanks to Bethany's toe, we were able to avoid the lines and stay until the nighttime parade! It was exhausting but super duper fun!
So the moral of the story is: If you have a broken toe or any other injury that prevents you from walking, GO TO DISNEY WORLD!

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