Saturday, August 21, 2010

Trip to Florida: Mock Birthday

While we were in Miami, we celebrated my 23rd birthday. Oh wait, no. We had an early birthday party for Addy (who turns 2 on September 18th) and Rock (who turns 3 on September 18th).
Again, these adorable and delicious cupcakes were made by Bethany's uber talented coworker.
After a yummy meal of homemade pizza and the yummy cupcakes...
There were some great gifts for the birthday kids. A Lightning McQueen book for Rock to read.
And a Big Barrel of Play-Doh fun.
Addy got a farm puzzle and Winnie the Pooh bathtoys.
Louisa took it all in and expects messy red icing on all future cupcakes.
A big thanks to Juju for doing the gift shopping and planning this fun night for Rock and Addy.

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