Monday, September 21, 2009

More Beach Pics

This picture of Aunt Susi shows you three things 1) how cute she is 2) our awesome ocean front property view of the water and 3) a good example of the cloudy, windy weather we experienced for 6/8ths of the trip.
Even with the bad weather, we spent as much time as we could in the pool.
Three generations of Fix men.
The boys also took us outside to lead us around the neighborhood on a few walks. Rock helpfully pointed out the brand of each car we passed.
While Caleb found the other curbside attractions more interesting.
But again, we spent most of our time indoors and each of us spent it a little differently. Rock and Caleb gave us a few harmonica concerts (when they weren't fighting over cars).
Not only are they performers, they are also fans.
Papa John also spent his time performing. Puppets were his medium of choice.
While everyone else was performing, I spent most of my time sleeping and making a baby!
Heather listened in on a conference calls...
While Jason took self-portraits.
And then our camera lens broke AGAIN. Ugh. So you'll just have to guess how Kerry, Joseph and Elizabeth spent their time indoors.

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Elizabeth said...

I keep meaning to tell you, I left DVD's with my Dad of all the pics and videos I took on my camera. So you can try to get him to bring them with him the time they come over to your house to copy them to your computer if you're interested. My only suggestion would be the sooner you do it, the better chance you have of him being able to locate the DVD's in his office. ;)

BUMMER about your camera lens. What a pain!