Friday, October 1, 2010

More Birthday...

Rock got to open his presents from us first thing when he woke up on his birthday. First was a kids Bocce ball set from PBK. It was a big hit after all the games we played at the beach.
Next was a USA floor puzzle. Rock has been loving puzzles these days and I figured if I got it for him while he was still little he wouldn't know that mom was actually learning geography with him. It's about time I learned exactly which of the square states is Colorado.
And of course he had a Birthday Smoothie.
After his party, we treated Rock to the gift he had been begging for for months... the CHICK HICKS TEAM HTB pit crew set from the Disney cars collection. He was overcome.

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Elizabeth said...

So this begs the question, is there anything left on the boy's wishlist? For birthday/Christmas?