Saturday, December 25, 2010

Fixmas Christmas Morning!

Hello! It's Fixmas Christmas morning!!!
Fixmas starts with opening stockings. Rock got some really cool Playmobil and...
Louisa got a beautiful headband. Which she wore for all of three seconds.
She also helped her Daddy open his stocking -- a task which exhausted her so much she went down for a nap.
Which is a shame, because after she left Santa showed up. Although he snuck outside and entered from the front door, both boys figured out that Santa was Papa in a relatively short amount of time.
If only Lou had been there -- she would have loved that beard!
I know someone else who loves the beard too!
Although we were sad to see Santa go, it was fun to have the World's Greatest Papa there to open gifts with us.
My first gift was a new lens for my camera! YAY! Thanks hubby! You can appreciate how the pictures get better from this point on.
Well, not this one. But darn it if that boy doesn't look cute in his new 'chainmail.' He LOVED the sword and shield too.
Susi taking a picture of me taking a picture of Susi taking a picture of me taking a picture of Susi.
Caleb got quite an extensive collection of Playmobil.
His parents also got some new toys.
This guy is smiling 'cause he knows he got his wife a fantastic gift...
These plastic gloves. Which symbolize how he signed them up for a cleaning service!
This is me making a mental note to add 'cleaning service' to my wish list next year!After all our gifts were opened, Louisa woke up again. Which is a good thing because this whole stack of gifts was for her. I know, ridiculous.
As always, Rock was helpful in showing Louisa how these things work!
Merry Christmas to all!


Anonymous said...

I actually DID notice how nice the photos looked at the beginning of this rash of blog posts. Nice new lens!!!

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

great pictures!
Wow! That is a LOT of presents for the little miss! But, being the only girl grandbaby....I'm not surprised! :)

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

Oh, and I'm DEFINITELY wishing that cleaning service could be put on MY list! :)