Wednesday, December 22, 2010

National Building Museum & National Christmas Tree

Finally Uncle Joe, Aunt Beth and Caleb arrived for Christmas!
We met them downtown for a yummy Thai lunch and then took them over to The Building Museum so Louisa could show off her crawling...
And her wobbling walking.
It took no time at all for Rock and Caleb to bond again. And find Cop and Construction Worker costumes to wear.
After playing in the kids Building Zone, Kerry, Louisa and I stayed in the atrium while most of the group went upstairs to the Lego exhibit. While the buildings were cool...
The REAL fun was the build-it-yourself table of thousands of Legos.
Rock's structure was multicolored...
While Fix's was all black and white.
Then, after a brief stop at Starbucks, we headed over to give our children frostbite see the National Christmas tree.
Once again, we picked the coldest night of the year to go and our children were appropriate miserable. Okay, we were ALL appropriately miserable.
Still, Louisa and I soldiered on and got a picture by the Maryland tree.
And Papa and Nana looked adorable by the big tree.
Then the man in red made his appearance. With a bagpipe. He rocked. We got a picture of the kids on his lap and then fled the freezing cold scene!

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Elizabeth said...

What fun memories! I love Nana & Papa looking like Russian grandparents. You guys are much heartier than we were in the cold, waiting for that cool Santa. But where is the picture of the kids on his lap?