Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Saint Nicholas Tag

Every year we put our shoes out on the evening of December 5th so Mommy can put the gifts that Nana Kerry gives her Saint Nicholas can come and leave a gift in each set of shoes to open on Saint Nicholas day.
This year, I forgot Saint Nicholas arrived during breakfast.
Nana Saint Nicholas got some super cute gingerbread men for our not-quite-as-cute-on-this-particular-morning kids.
During breakfast, Daddy drew a picture of St. Nicholas and I accused him of drawing a picture of the pope...
So he logged online to show prove me wrong. But for the record, he didn't color his Saint Nicholas red so I didn't understand the key wardrobe differences! Reminiscing on Saint Nicholas Tag** led him to reminisce on the events of his Austrian childhood and thus he and Rock watched a bunch of German kids shows on Youtube...
While Louisa played with tissue paper.
Okay so she looks pretty cute here.
Since it was about three degrees outside, we took the kids shopping for a coat for Louisa and a new hat for Rock. After that, it was time for our annual tree-picking event at Home Depot.
Louisa had never picked out a Christmas tree before and she was uber-excited.
Rock was ecstatic.
He got into it when he learned we could make ugly faces at the ugly trees. Zoom in to see the plethora of dead needles, Rock's fantastic ugly face and his super snow hat!
Finally we found a holiday gem suitable tree! Since December 6th is also Juju's birthday, we ended the day celebrating her with Rocket and the Rabenhorsts at Outback Steakhouse. But I didn't capture that event on film.
** "Tag" is the German word for "day."


Sarah said...

Nothing says Saint Nicholas Tag like a wifebeater.

Elizabeth said...

This whole thing cracked me up but I literally laughed out loud at you accusing him of drawing the pope. And I can totally tell tell what show they are watching and it reminded me that I keep meaning to see if I can find that on YouTube so thank you, I just DID! Now to show Caleb... :)

Elizabeth said...

Oh, two more things: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Rock's "ugly" face.

And Saint Nicholas Tag is yet one more in my list of blog posts that never will be, so I'm glad you have one. :)

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

Thank you for explaining Saint Nicholas Tag, I was totally lost!