Friday, December 17, 2010

No Naps

Someone has been having TOTAL MELTDOWNS at bedtime. For whatever reason, he simply doesn't want to go to bed and our nights have become nightmares of melodrama and sadness. So, we decided it was time for him to give up his nap. Instead, he does quiet playtime and thus he's exhausted by the time bedtime rolls around and gives in/falls asleep much faster!
That is, unless he falls asleep on the floor during quiet playtime.
With a giant stuffed animal dog on his back.


Bethany said...

Great picture!

Michelle said...

this is so cute. I love getting pictures of kids when they fall asleep anywhere but the bed! With my daughter it is rare so I always have to get a picture! I love the stuffed animal on his back!

Sarah said...

That is awesome.

Lynn said...

OH.MY. GOODNESS!!!! I am in LOVE with that last picture! Precious!