Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day

For Mother's Day, Rock made me a cake (with Nana Kerry's help). Now, to the untrained eye, it might look like Rock just poked a bunch of dents in the icing.
In fact, as he told me, the dots are a sweet message that read "You are the greatest Mommy in the world and I love you." I'm not making this stuff up. While I was watching he added some text about his great Daddy but since it was MOTHER'S Day, we won't focus on that.
Instead let's focus on the two cuties who made me a Mother. Aren't they precious?
I am very blessed indeed.

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Elizabeth said...

Well, *technically* there are THREE cuties pictured who *made* you a mother (ahem) but we don't really have to go THERE. ;)