Saturday, May 28, 2011

STAYCATION: Memorial Day

On Staycation day number two, we really stayed close to home. It was Memorial Day weekend so we tossed the kids in our wagon and crossed 450 to join our neighbors (not pictured) in viewing the Bowie Memorial Day parade.
I was very excited that we had an excuse to wear matching outfits for the second day of Staycation. For some reason we are usually out of town on Memorial Day weekend so this year was our first time to see the parade.
And oh whatta parade it was! Things started with the essential flags...
And a patriotic band.
Then all sorts of things went by! There were airplanes...
And a really cute Boy Scout group "fishing" off the end of their float.
When the waving beauty queens passed by...
Louisa waved right back. Okay so she waved at everyone.
I was THRILLED to see my alma mater's Pep Band looking just as scraggly and fun as when I left ERHS (almost 15 years ago!).
There was a stilt walker who high-fived an incredibly cute 3.5 year old boy. For the record, I was so proud of Rock for being brave enough to run out there on his own.
There were people in unflattering yellow outfits...
And horses...
And a gang of tricked-out Chryslers. Or is that a Dodge?
There was a fantastic steel drum band...
And of COURSE the fantastic Bowie Fire Department.
Rock was very pleased with the parade.
Louisa was very pleased with the Fritos.
I was very pleased with the free Chick-fil-A coupons (not pictured). After the parade, we went to John and Misty's house for a yummy BBQ lunch. For dinner we ate free Chick-fil-A.

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