Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Remember when we were in London and PAUL was our favorite spot for tea? Well after we got back, Fix continued to pine after their Earl Grey. In fact, when Juju and Rocket brought him a box of bags in October, he officially changed his favorite tea allegiance -- from Twinings Earl Grey to PAUL's Earl Grey.
Shocking I know! When the October box ran out, Zuni brought him two more boxes at Christmas time. But still, Fix was having to ration himself and it was painful to not enjoy his favorite tea all the time.
But then we heard the good news, PAUL was coming to AMERICA! And not just anywhere in America - it was coming to WASHINGTON, DC! So like any (un)sane person would, Fix planned a trip to the DC location on the day it opened.
It was right next to the US Navy Memorial which is a perfect spot to let little children run around...
So we invited the Colemans to join us (and once again that crazy child in the Princeton shirt showed up too!).
The decor was lovely,
The high chairs were the classiest we'd ever seen,
And of course, the TEA was fantastic. His thirst was quenched. And he a box of Earl Grey to keep it that way.
Molly also enjoyed a fruit tea that she said was "quite lovely"... or something like that. After we sipped and nibbled on (YUMMY) sandwiches, it was time to head outside and let our children run wild.
We sat down (and got up and chased them and sat down and got up and chased them) and watched the kids run free. Louisa explored the bronze relief sculptures on the outside ring...
While Rock darted in and out.
Then they both realized there was a huge space in the middle to run free.
It was hot. There were water fights. Oliver took off his shirt...
So of course Rock did too. I can't wait until he gets a tan. All in all, it was good tea, good kids, and good times.
p.s. I apologize to Carrie and Charlotte for not getting a picture of them!

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Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

You will probably not be surprised by this, as you must know how obviously partial I am to long hair on boys (with frequent erring on letting my boys hair get TOO long!) but I really do love Rock's hair in his "long" hair pictures. (Which still seems incredibly short to me!!!) I love that shirtless pic of the back of him. He looks so old! -- a glimpse of what older Rock will look like! :)