Friday, May 6, 2011

Popeyes, Cokie, and Friends

Do you "love that chicken from Popeyes?" What about the biscuits? I personally LOVE their biscuits. In high school, my friend Allison and I referred to ourselves as "The Biscuit Avengers" and made it our mission to buy Popeyes biscuits for any of our friends who had never had them before.
All of this is to say, when my college friend Zinah invited me to meet up at her dad's Popeyes restaurant, I obliged. Of course it didn't hurt that my college roommate Kirsten was coming up from Virginia Beach to visit too. In fact, that was the whole reason for the get together.
But once there, I discovered a true gem! Zinah's dad's Coke machine "Cokie." It was made by Ferrari, it was incredibly sleek, and it offers ONE HUNDRED AND SIX different flavors of soda and water. Do you want Orange Coke? Perhaps Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water? Cherry Sprite? Cokie's got it all!
Louisa loved it too, she was just really tired from running around the restaurant while waiting for her mom to finish up some bonding time with her long-lost buddies. It was great to eat Popeyes and get a few different drinks from Cokie, but picking up right where you left off with your college friends? PRICELESS.


Melanie Brockman said...

It's a good thing my grandmother name did not end up as Cokie. I would have to provide endless variety of drinks instead of juice boxes and lemonade. Love all the new posts.

Nick, Annie, Aiden, Sophie, Clip and Martin said...

Why is there nothing like this around here?! That sounds SO awesome! (As do your Popeye's biscuits!) I think I'll go make some for dinner.

Melanie Brockman said...

Did you know your Cal Tort has put in a Cokie machine!

Kir said...

awww Z and I made THE blog!!! Thanks again for making the trek with gorgeous's always great to see you! :)

Kir said...

Awww, Z and I made THE blog--I feel like such a celeb!! Thanks again for making the trek to meet us (and Cokie) was great seeing you, gorgeous Louisa and Tre :)