Friday, May 27, 2011


This year instead of traveling, we decided to stay put; a Staycation for just the four (five if you count the babe within) of us.
Day one was in Baltimore. In support of the Orioles, we all wore orange. We started by dropping our car at BWI...
And catching the light rail into the city.
Our destination was this little gem. The USS Constellation, has a long history of service to our nation, and we thought Rock would really enjoy it.
Rock and Rachel at the helm.
Despite our efforts, we were unable to sail away.
I'm not sure if these were "We're trying to move the cannon" faces or "We're blowing things up" faces or "Fix and Rock were confused about which emotion to portray" faces.
Just another gorgeous girl with a sippy cup and a cannon.
They were both tempted to stay and sleep on the hammocks, but we opted for lunch instead. Fix and I had read online all about the historic Lexington Market and while I can't find the exact description of this food market, it sounded something like this:"Old as the nation itself, Baltimore's fragrant, gleaming Lexington Market has been a wonderful epicurean tradition since 1782." Sounds picturesque, no? So we walked several long hot blocks over to the Market. But the closer we got, the area got sketchier and sketchier, and there were more and more people who looked like this:By the time we got the Market, we had seen enough sketchiness and heard enough yelling by people with burnt faces (seriously!) to convince us to dine elsewhere.
After a quick light rail trip to the Jimmy John's by Camden Yards, we felt safe again. After a quick lunch and another quick light rail trip back to our house, day one of Staycation was done. Not a smashing success, but fun nonetheless.

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